Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoughts on South Bend - Introduction

Lots and lots of bloggers write about big issues and big ideas. I follow dozens of them on a daily basis, most of them related to architecture and design in some way. I do not feel that I am ready to contribute to these "big" conversations. So I am starting small with this blog and focusing on the things that I know best.

To begin, I want to talk about South Bend. I intend to look at a variety of different topics, from how South Bend developed historically, how it changed, and what drives its form today. I intend to showcase good design, and critique lackluster efforts. I want to describe how I live in South Bend, and how the city affects the quality of my life. Ultimately, this will be a place to document things and ideas as I discover them so that I can remember them, draw connections between them, and share them with you.

My first post will be a discussion about two South Bend neighborhoods - Sunnymeade and the North Shore Triangle - and why I think they are great places to live.

~John Mellor

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